10 Nail Polish Colors and What They Say About Your Personality

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10 Nail Polish Colors and What They Say About Your Personality

Are you devoted to polishing your nails?  If you are, read the following text and find out more about your personality.

  1. red-nail-polishRed Nails

A red nail polish on your hands indicates that you are a passionate person.  Also you all are very adventurous.  You like to try out new things, and you have a lot of friends.

  1. White Nail Polish

You like to keep up with trends, and you simply love fashion.  You often change your nail polish, but you always go back to white.  Your friends think you are very interesting and you always have a lot of things to say.

  1. Cream

You’re very traditional and you don’t like to try out new things or experiment.  You are very certain about who you are as a person and what you like.  No one can convince you to try something new.

  1. Rosy Pink Nails

You’re still a little girl deep down inside.  Also you are very traditional and modest.  You are a devoted friend, and a family member everyone loves.  Perhaps sometimes you might seem a bit shy, but that is only until you get to know someone.

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  1. Purple Nails

You like to experiment, you all are also very adventurous and the outgoing.  You have many friends who appreciate your quirky personality.  Also you are very extravagant, and people simply love your eclectic fashion style.

  1. Black Nail Polish

You’ll feel like no one gets you.  You like to stand out, and you don’t think that people really understand you.  You don’t have a lot of friends, but those who you consider to be your friends are truly lucky to have you for a friend since you are definitely one of a kind.

  1. 05135715_7762Orange Nails

You don’t care about what other people might think about you, and you just go around minding your own business.  You have a lot of friends who like you for your bubbly personality.  Your Bohemian fashion style inspires many, and a lot of people admire you.

  1. Green Nails

You are not afraid to take chances and risk.  You are definitely not a people-pleaser, but if someone and needs help you will be there for them.  You have an amazing personality and people often want to befriend you.

  1. Transparent

You are very honest with your friends and you always say what is on your mind.  You are very focused on your goals, and you know how to achieve them.  Once you set your mind on something, you are bound to get it.  You like to wear formal clothes, and you probably have on office job.

  1. French Manicure

You are a true lady.  You know how to behave around people, and how to get everything you want.  You are very gentle and kind.  People love your company because of your ability to make everyone feel welcome.

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